With passion and experience, after years of development and thousands of tests and evaluations, we now present the Röshults Booster BBQ Grill. This is not an ordinary barbecue. The Booster BBQ Grill combines our characteristic timeless and elegant design with revolutionary infrasound technology.
With the fast rate of a gas grill, you can now achieve the smoky, delicious flavours that only a charcoal grill can give.

We are taking barbecuing to a whole new level!







It usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes to light an ordinary barbecue. Once ignited, the barbecue needs another 20 minutes to heat up. All in all, an ordinary charcoal barbecue requires roughly 25-35 minutes until the temperature is fit for barbecuing. The slow ignition process is not the only problem an ordinary charcoal grill has. As the graph shows, the temperature continues to steadily increase, reducing the chance of achieving perfect results.

In contrast, Röshults Booster BBQ Grill can reach temperatures up to 400°C in only 5 minutes. In this time, an ordinary charcoal barbecue might not even be ignited yet. The intensity of the heat is easily regulated, as the Booster BBQ Grill operates with the use of infrasound technology. By increasing or decreasing the level of infrasound, the temperature can be altered instantaneously, allowing for perfect barbecuing conditions throughout the entire session. Consequently, the results are impeccable.




The Booster BBQ Grill heats up in a rapid 3-5 minutes (!) in comparison to the 20-30 minutes that an ordinary charcoal grill needs.

The intensity of the heat is easily regulated and it ranges from 150° to 400°C. The temperature can be changed instantaneously.

Röshults Booster BBQ Grill is safer and more environmentally friendly than an ordinary charcoal barbecue, as unexpected flaming is prevented and smoke emission is minimized.





It takes away flames from the glow bed when fat drips onto the charcoal

Complete cumbustion makes minimum
of smoke

Consumption of charcoal is about one third of a normal charcoal grill






Röshults Booster BBQ Grill is a charcoal grill ignited by infrasound.
Infrasound, also known as low frequency sound, cannot be heard by human beings. Yet the infrasound is very powerful. With infrasound technology, we control the movements of molecules each brick of charcoal. Pushed with energy, the molecules move faster, making the heat increase and the glow grow stronger. All within seconds.


With Röshults Booster BBQ Grill, you can start barbecuing faster than ever before. The rapid ignition process results in a perfect glow, after only 3-5 minutes. 

The infrasound technology gives you full control of the intensity of the heat, enabling you to instantaneously achieve the perfect temperature for your barbecuing.

Röshults Booster BBQ Grill is not only faster than an ordinary charcoal barbecue, it is also safer and more environmentally friendly. The barbecue is ignited without the use of lighter fluid, which probably will be banned in Europe within a few years. In addition to this, the smoke emission is minimized and any unexpected flaming is prevented.


Thanks to the infrasound, the grill is heated in a few minutes. Just like a gas grill. The food can be put on the grill within some 6 to 7 minutes.

The grill can be lit without using lighter fluid, which probably will be banned throughout Europe within a few years. Use a couple of small paraffin bags to light the grill.

The enhancement of the glow bed depends of the power, or volume, of the infrasound. That makes it possible to regulate the intensity of the glow bed and hence the grilling temperature.





By turning the control knob, you can easily regulate the level of infrasound. The temperature of the barbecue is adjusted instantaneously.



Taking airflow as well as aesthetics into account, parts of the body are covered with a  carefully selected, perforated pattern of stainless steel.



“In the beginning of the design process, we established some basic guidelines regarding the Booster Grill’s appearance and function. We wanted it to stand out with a new look, communicating its function and suggesting a connection to the aesthetics of classic Hi-fidelity objects. The work by the great German designer Dieter Rams in the 60s and 70s served as a source of inspiration.

At the same time, it was important that the Booster BBQ Grill would fit in with the present family of barbecues and outdoor furniture collections of Röshults. Consequently, we decided to continue working with the same external dimensions and top-grate that the other grill modules have. We also decided to make an all-stainless body. However, we modified the mid section covering the acoustic parts, and the front panel where the electronic controls are placed. We added cassettes with a carefully selected, perforated pattern, taking airflow as well as aesthetics into account. Together with the distinct volume knob as a power-light source, these alterations and details make a fine bridge between this new product and the other collections of Röshults.”

– Broberg & Ridderstråle,
Designers of Röshuls Booster BBQ Grill



Similar to an amplifier, the control knob in combination with the power-light source guides the user in how the barbecue operates. The construction indicates the barbecue’s function and shows when the power is switched on or off.



The grip of the cooking grate is made of premium full-grain leather, carefully selected for just the right feeling. As it ages, the leather takes on a unique patina, demonstrating its high quality and durability.



“Many years ago, I discovered the large impact that infrasound has on a combustion process. When charcoal burns, it normally has a long flame. However, infrasound changes the combustion process dramatically. The intensity of the combustion increases, the flames become shorter and unburnt smoke on top of the flames is no longer visible. All in all, infrasound has a significant effect on the combustion of charcoal.

I discovered this phenomenon perhaps 30 years ago. At that time, I was managing a project in Japan and I started to develop a prototype of an infrasound barbecue there. We made many different designs, but we also ran into a lot of problems. We had problems with noise, with vibrations, with electronics that didn’t work… However, the biggest problem was that the market was not prepared for new grill designs with advanced technology. It simply was the wrong timing. And so, I put the project on hold for many years.

Four years ago, I decided to continue with the project of making a new and more advanced charcoal barbecue, with sophisticated technology. The market was ready. Starting from the beginning again, I now had a lot of experience in enhancing combustion processes with the use of infrasound. After developing the construction to perfection, and after many tests and evaluations, it has resulted in the Röshults Booster BBQ Grill.”

– Mats Olsson, Inventor




To see all available accessories to your Booster Grill check out our website.





Design: Broberg & Ridderstråle

Measurements: 50x50x80 cm / 20x20x31,3 in

Weight: 55 kg / 121 lb

Colour: Stainless steel

Stainless cooking surface: 43 x 43 cm

Stainless barbecue grate

Stainless ash pit

Adjustable feet

Power supply: Schuko Adapter 230-240 V

100 Watt

24 Volt system

2-year warranty



1. How is Röshults Booster BBQ Grill connected?
Röshults Booster BBQ Grill requires electric power supply according to European standards. For usage in countries outside of Europe, we highly recommend you to contact us to ensure a correct installation of your barbecue.

2. What can I use to ignite the barbecue?
We recommend the use of paraffin tablets, looflighter or electric charcoal starter. WARNING! Do not use lighter fluids or liquid igniters.

3. What type of fuel can I use for my Booster BBQ Grill?
Only charcoal should be used to fuel the barbecue. We recommend regular charcoal for a rapid ignition. In order to achive an even heat and a steady flame, a few briquettes can be placed on top of the charcoal.

4. Are there any health risks of using infrasound?
Röshults Booster BBQ Grill operates with the use of infrasound, with low frequences that cannot be heard by human beings. The infrasound from Röshults Booster BBQ Grill has no known risks for human beings. It does not affect hearing aids, nor does it affect pacemakers.

5. Can the infrasound from Röshults Booster BBQ Grill harm animals?
Infrasound is not harmful to our pets.

6. What temperature can my barbecue reach?
At maximum level of infrasound, the temperature can reach up to 400°C. We recommend you to limit the use of the full effect to a maximum time of 10 minutes.

7. Do the sides of the barbecue heat up as well?
Like an ordinary charcoal grill in operation, the Booster BBQ Grill will heat up on its sides. Children and animals should, as always, be supervised when you barbecue.

8. Which countries do you deliver Röshults Booster BBQ Grill to?
Röshults Booster BBQ Grill can be shipped to all countries. However, the electrical connection may need to be adjusted to suit the national standard. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

9. Can I build my barbecue in?
Yes, the barbecue can be built in. You must still be able to reach the ash pit on the back of the grill. Remember, it cannot be placed closer than 60 cm/24 in to combustible objects/materials and it cannot be placed underneath anything carrying a risk of catching fire.

10. Is a cover included when I purchase Röshults Booster BBQ Grill?
Barbecue covers are not included in the purchase of Röshults Booster BBQ Grill. We offer Röshults Premium Cover as a separate accessory.

11. How far away from my house should my barbecue be placed?
The barbecue should be placed at least 60 cm/24 in from easily combustible materials/objects, and the barbecue must not be placed underneath anything that may catch fire.

12. Can I have my barbecue installed?
Röshults Booster BBQ Grill comes fully assembled with an electric connection via power supply cord. We recommend you to contact your local retailer for further assistance in the installation process of your grill.

13. Should I cover my Booster BBQ Grill?
Although the components of Röshults Booster BBQ Grill are weatherproof, we highly recommend you to cover your barbecue when not in use, in order to keep it clean and to protect it from outdoor elements. Röshults BBQ Booster Grill has an International Protection Marking of IP65.

14. How does altitude affect the performance of my barbecue?
At altitudes of 1800 meters/5000 ft, the cooking time may need to be extended in order to compensate for the low level of oxygen. However, the quality of the food is not affected. The ability to cook delicious food is further enhanced by opening all the vents of the charcoal grill, maximizing the airflow to the charcoal.





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